Malerie Orellosa
Sister: 1/2 of The Twins
Malerie is Lisa's sister and co- Maid of Honor. Together they've shared good times and random adventures. When they're hanging out they are usually going out to eat or spending time with their dog.

She works in advertising and likes to have fun on her off days.

Strike up a conversation with her if you see her at the bar!
Lori K. Marsh (Avelar)
It was a weekend evening in 2004, when Lori was out with a group of friends. They decided to make one more stop to pick up a “certain someone." They pulled up to a house in Diamond bar, and a girl walked out, waving at the car - it was Lisa.

She jumped in the backseat with Lori and introduced herself. She was loud and had a huge smile, so naturally they hit it off. They made it to their destination, and as the boys took off to hit on “chicks,” Lisa and Lori sat at a booth watching all the madness going on, talking up a storm.

That was the start of her friendship and many adventures with the beautiful bride.
Allysa Santos
Allysa Santos is Lisa's cousin, so naturally, she's known Lisa her entire life. She even remembers all the times Lisa babysat her as a little girl.

Allysa is a full-time paralegal as well as a full-time student living in The D.C. area, after having been raised in West Los Angeles, California.
Blen Morano
Blen and Lisa have been friends since they were Brahmas at Diamond Bar High. They were in a close-knit group of friends, usually hanging out at Puente Hills Mall during their "Mally" days. On the weekends, they'd go to house parties where Dames of Jive (DOJ), their dance crew would perform their "Bambi" routines.

At school, they were both co-founders of the first Filipino club,"Halo- Halo" at DBHS together. Their friendship has only grown stronger since their high school days, with Lisa being one of Blen's bridesmaids at her wedding.

Blen is a school teacher in Diamond Bar, and currently has three kids - age 6, 4, and 3. They enjoy family outings, having taken family vacations to Ireland, London, Canada, Philippines and several states in the U.S.
Kaycee Ruiz
Kaycee and Lisa met through a mutual friend in high school, and at that time Kaycee was not aware of the significant impact Lisa would have on her life.

Through years of friendship, not only were they partners in crime, but both have shared many tears and joyous moments together.

Lisa has been Kaycee's support system for the last 20 years and Kaycee can't think of a better way to repay Lisa with her friendship by standing with Lisa and Hans on their wedding day!

Kaycee currently works in Finance for a Government Agency and is married with two boys. On her spare time you can find her on a soccer field or globetrotting.
Jennifer "Jinkie" Respicio Rivera
Childhood Friend
Lisa and Jinkie are childhood friends, attending the same elementary school together until the 3rd grade, when Lisa's family moved to Diamond Bar. They've shared milestones, good and bad times, as many great adventures, including many lunches at Hooters.

Jinkie is a Registered Nurse in Cardiology, as well as an Adjunct Professor at Cypress College. She currently resides in Huntington Beach with her husband and two kids, ages 7 and 5. On her days off, she enjoys spending quality time with her family.
Charlie Tran
Charlie first met Hans during his 2013 internship with The Swinerton Builders. After few Happy Hours after work, he and Hans quickly became brothers.

Together, they went exploring on some of the wildest adventures from Orange County to Arizona, which bonded them to become close.

Charlie said, "As we progress again to next stage in life, Hans and I will continuously look out for each other."
Todd Freeman
Todd met Hans in 2004 through his old girlfriend. (Lisa won't read that part...just kidding.) He considers Hans one of his closest friends, having always been there for Todd when he needed him most.

A testament to their friendship that Todd holds very close to his heart is the day his father died. Hans dropped everything and came to the hospital to be with him. Always around to cheer him up or give him a swift kick in the butt when needed.

The two can go weeks (or even) months without chatting or seeing each other, but somehow manage to always pick right back up where they left off - as if it was only yesterday.

Todd is an avid world traveler and ocean cruiser. He went on his first cruise in 2000 with family - recently completing his 39th cruise sailing the Pacific and South Pacific for a month. He's now visited 87 countries, with a goal to continue adding to the list.

Todd hails from San Diego and currently lives in Phoenix, selling real estate since 2001.

P.S. - He's also a Starbucks junkie....which Hans can attest to.
Ryan Granneman
Ryan met Hans 20 years ago. He was just a kid that Hans took under his wing like a little brother.

Ryan moved to Arizona in 2003 where he still resides today with his wife Courtney.
Stephan Steppovic
Steppo and Hans have known each other since they were both only 5 years old in a small village called Rühen in Germany - where they were born and raised. Their friendship despite the distance of 9200 kilometers, has lasted all their lives.

Steppo is married with 2 children, Romy and Ben, who are 7 and 3 years old. He owns his own company as a professional driving instructor. His hobbies are basketball, soccer and motorcycling.
Brandon Nelson
Brandon was born in Corona, California, but was raised in Mission Viejo when he moved there in 4th grade.

He has 3 sisters, and is married with 2 kids. Brandon currently lives in Trabuco Canyon, California and works as a Honda Technician.

His hobby is mountain bike riding.